Friday, 26 June 2015


Every couples want to give birth to babies. Some couples will success but some others are failing to give birth to next generation. Several reasons are associated with this that inhibits husband's and wife’s dream.

In order to increase a couple’s chances for conception, the perfect time to have intercourse is at the time of woman’s fertile period. The chance for fertilization is higher at time of woman’s ovulation cycle. It is very essential thing that male partner kept mature sperms at ovulation period.
There are several causes for infertility, studies found out that main factors for infertility are lack of good nutrition, excessive stress  like any other symptoms to other health problems.

If you want to begin a family consider these  things that will make your everlasting dream into reality.

  1. Follow a routine in your diet and eat well nutritious food.

     2.  Practise yoga or meditation regularly will improve your fertility immensely.

     3.  Try to reduce fatty and oily items in your food.

     4.   Avoid usage of smoking and beverages.
     5.  Try to spent more time with partner in bed.
      6.  Understand monthly cycle of female partner.
      7.  Use technique like acupuncture

      8.  Reduce anxiety and  stress when you are going to have intercourse with your life partner.

Around thirty percent of infertility cases starts from male problems, so men must also give attention to their reproductive health. Man must follow same health recommendations as that of a woman then only healthier babies they give birth to.

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