Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Causes of Infertility

Actually, infertility occurs due to several reasons. We may be unaware of these causes that are responsible for infertility. When couples are having sex with more than one year  and is still able to conceive are infertile.  Either of two or both the partners are responsible. These  are some of main causes of infertility.

Ovulation Problem

Ovulation problem means from the ovary release of mature eggs is not possible in case of females. the woman feeling this problem may have irregular periods due to hormones. In Order to correct this problem doctors mainly prescribe fertility drugs.

Egg Quality

The eggs released  from females during ovulation period must be of good quality. sometimes the eggs that are released may damaged and it inhibits pregnancy. Here the female partner gets the problem of conceiving. This occurs mainly in the mid ages around 30-40. The rectify method to this problem is to use donor eggs. 


This is one of the main factors for infertility in females.  Normally a woman gets period after 28 days. This may vary due to several reasons.  Endometriosis is a condition in which uterine tissues  grow outside the uterus and lean at wrong position. it can lead to several problems such as pain in abdomen, painful periods etc. By laparoscopic surgery this problem can be solved. In some cases In Vitro fertilization may doctor recommends. 

Blockage in the tubes

In males main fertility problem arises due to blockage in the tube( vas deferens), a condition in which blockage in the epididymis. The best recovery method to male infertility is Intracytoplasmic sperm injection treatment(ICSI). In this process sperm is injected directly into the female reproductive organ.

Other problems in males are low sperm count, low sperm quality and low sperm motility. in this condition doctor is  given fertility drugs for concerned problems.

Though many people still believe that infertility is largely a female problem. But the truth shows differently. Both women and men easily contribute to this problem. So it is recommended that medical assistance is necessary for the delivery of a healthy baby.

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