Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Frozen Embryo Transfer,Assisted Reproductive Treatment

Frozen embryo transfer (FET) also known as Frozen Embryo Replacement (FER), consists of the thawing of embryos which were frozen during previous IVF or related treatment, and the replacing of them in the uterine cavity at the appropriate time of the menstrual cycle.
In simple, Embryo transfer refers to a step in the process of assisted reproduction in which embryos are placed into the uterus of a female with the intent to establish a pregnancy.
It is common during IVF/ICSI embryo transfer treatment for more embryos to be produced than are required at the time. Good quality embryos remaining after the initial embryo transfer can be successfully frozen and stored at extremely low temperature,which ensures that they do not deteriorate over the number of years they are stored.
This stored embryos are then embryo replacement, which allows a couple to have up to three or four cycles from the same egg collection.

Like the other conventional treatments like IVF or ICSI, Frozen Embryo replacement cycle does not require the ovaries to be stimulated. Instead Oestrogen is administered, normally in tablet or patch form. This enables the uterine lining to develop for the embryo’s to be replaced.In a Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle, the woman takes medications to prepare her womb to receive these embryos.
The advantage of frozen embryo implantation treatment is that there is no need to use hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries.
An ultrasound scan is performed to assess the lining of the uterus to determine whether it is ready to receive the embryo. Once the lining is ready, embryos are thawed and transferred.

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Human Artificial Insemination-A Solution To Infertility

The goal of fertility treatment is to maximize the opportunity for a live birth of a healthy singleton child, born at full-term. Artificial Insemination is a procedure used to treat infertility.Artificial Insemination in India provides a risk free pregnancy with advanced medical care. Artificial insemination or Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) can help women who are facing problems for pregnancy due to complications caused by their male partners.It's a popular infertility treatment for men who have a very low sperm counts.

Artificial insemination is a fertilization procedure in which sperm is artificially placed into a woman’s overy,the process of ovarian stimulation.

During the artificial insemination process,the woman’s menstrual cycle is closely monitored using ovarian kits, ultrasounds, and blood tests. This is the first step of the fertility treatment. The length of the treatment takes less than an hour, but you may have to undergone fertility drugs for about a week before you ovulate.

With the technological advancement the IUF procedure became simpler and reliable. Here the ovaries are stimulated with FSH or HMG to produce several eggs per cycle. When the eggs reach maturity, ovulation is triggered by either an endogenous LH surge or by an injection of HCG. Approximately 36 to 42 hours later, near the time of ovulation, a prepared sperm sample is placed into the upper uterine cavity via a narrow catheter.This treatment regimen increases the chance of pregnancy.

Artificial insemination is a leading artificial reproductive technique providing amazing results to many couples who wished to become parents for a long time.As compared to other european countries,success rate of artificial insemination in India is very high and the artificial insemination costs is very low.
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