Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Best Assisted Fertility Clinic India

Infertility is the state of being unable to produce offspring; in a woman it is an inability to conceive; in a man it is an inability to impregnate.
Male infertility is commonly due to deficiencies in the semen, and semen quality is used as a surrogate measure of male fecundity.

Female infertility can result from physical problems, hormone problems, and lifestyle or environmental factors.Most case of infertility the problem is women cannot produce eggs. Some others are pre- mature ovarian failure, in this case the ovary stop functioning before natural menopause. Other physical and natural are affecting the female infertility.

Main causes that affect male and female infertility:
- Genetic factors
- General factors
- Hypothalamic-pituitary factors
- Environmental factors

Treatment depends on the cause of infertility, but may include counselling, fertility treatments, like in vitro fertilization.
Srishti Assisted Fertility and Advanced Laparoscopy (SAFAL) is a progressive, hi-tech clinic offering successful programmes in Infertility, Assisted Reproductive Technology. It is one of the best equipped Infertility clinics in India, renowned for its sub-speciality facilities and patient care. Its gynaecological facilities are considered to be excellent.

Srishti Fertility Center, Puducherry is a leading fertility center
provides for all aspects of sub fertility diagnosis, treatment and laboratory services that you may require for assisted reproduction.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques

- Surgical Sperm Retrieval

Laparoscopic Gynaecological Surgeries

High Risk Pregnancy Care
- Pregnancy Care for patients with Hypertension 

For more details about various fertility treatments at              Srishti Fertility Center, Puducherry,

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