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Fertility is a very important aspect of Human Life.This is because fertility is directly correlated to the ability to give life.As such,it is no assurance that couples copulate inorder to conceive.Fertility is also very important because even if frequent copulation is practised, there is still the possibility that a woman may not conceive due to low fertility rate.On the other hand, it is fertility that makes the life of any couple complete as it will help them fulfil their mission of giving new life.


Most people are hesitant to discuss the matter as most consider the topic to be personal, and they would not want to divulge any of the most revealing details in their lives.How ever, it is important that couples do discuss the matter in order to tackle some problems that beset a lot of relationships.Fertility is tha capacity to give life.This may sound simple in itself,but there are also different factors that affect fertility.One of these factors is rest and sleep.

How do Rest and Sleep Affect Fertility?

Rest and Sleep is a decisive factor in determining the fertility rate of a person.Although most people may not think that the two factors can have such an impact on fertility,scientific studies suggest that they indeed do affect a person’s fertility.

Reason Why Fertility is affected by rest and sleep are :

Sleep and Rest decides a person’s energy reserves.The ability to conceive or to father a child do depend a lot on the person’s energy reserves.And if that reserve is allowed to dip so low as in the case when a person gets little rest or sleep,fertility is severely restricted.Vitality of a person's body system.When a person ignores getting adequate rest and sleep, the result is a body system that is severely overworked and sluggish.In this case, fertility is likewise affected and Low metabolism rate.This might be thought of first as very far in affecting fertility.But when a Person is deprived of rest and sleep, digestion likewise suffers.When this happens, the person is not able to absorb the needed nutrients.


In most instances,failure to obtain the needed nutrients is likely to affect the immune system, which is also a very critical system when it comes to deciding one’s fertility rate.Physical and mental well-being.A person that is deprived of rest and sleep or does not get the right amount of it is likely to become sluggish and prone to suffer a decline in mental alertness.

When this happens ,frequent mood changes will be observed ,and this may be a result of certain hormonal and bodily changes brought about first by deprivation of rest and sleep and later by being mentally and physically listless. 

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