Monday, 16 March 2020

Radiofrequency for perfection

The advancement of technology has helped all the industries equally with outstanding facilities. Radio Frequency Identification  (RFID) is the first of its kind that provides greater assurance and peace of mind to parents of the newborns.

Why RFID for couples? 

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is considered to be a non-contact based wireless communication technology that helps to identify specific targets, read, and write critical data through wireless signals. These will not cause any adverse effects on the human body or cellular components. RFID helps to pass through liquids; hence is used in the field of medicine, human body implants, and biological research due to its stability and security. 

Some hospitals use 'match intelligent verification system,' which is an integrated intelligent system based on RFID technology. This can be used in the IVF laboratories for operation verification and process management scenarios. These provide excellent security, ease of use, and broad compatibility. 

The major reason for hospitals using RFID would be for the following:
  • Helps to eliminate mismatch and reassuring 
  • Provides customized SOP and full traceability 
  • Ensures high efficiency 
  • Easy and stable to use 
  • Safeguards every step of the IVF operation 
  • Chip is non-toxic and non-volatile hence no harm on anyone

Functioning of RFID 

RFID is the first of its kind and is a sided sensing mechanism to monitor operation area. At times, when different couples' samples are detected, the match system will send warning signs. The hospital will provide an RFID ID card to the patients who enter the cycle, which will have unique identification information. 

There will be a blank chip that is pre-pasted on the prepared vessels and test tubes for further identification. Generally, in each workspace of the labs, the match system will transfer the information of the patients from the last chip to the next blank chip to be used. The match system will help in actively scanning and confirming that there is no mismatch in the particular area or the workspace and automatically prompts further operational steps or procedures. 

However, if the same workspace detects samples of varied couples, the system will automatically interrupt the operation and leave the signal for the operator. Before embryo transfer, the doctor will ensure the system to scan the patient's ID card, matching the embryo to be transferred. This matching system can also help to track and check the sample information on the frozen and recovery process. 

At Srishti Assisted Fertility & Advanced Laparoscopy Centre, the doctor and team provide the best service with the help of RFID to prevent mismatch in pregnancy.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr. Soumyaroop Dash
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