Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Do’s And Don’ts After An Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is the crucial last hurdle in the IVF cycle on which the entire success of the procedure stands. During the process, the best and viable embryos are transferred into the women's uterus and monitored for successful implantation and positive pregnancy. Usually, all the doctors follow a two weeks wait and watch approach to know if the pregnancy has occurred. This is the ultimate time that tests the patience of an individual. Although they are no restrictions imposed on the patient during this period, there are certain dos and don'ts they have to follow for a successful pregnancy during the waiting period.


FOLLOW NORMAL ROUTINE – Patients are encouraged to perform normal routine activities after leaving the hospital. Too much of bed rest is not at all recommended. 
NUTRITIOUS DIET – Eat a diet rich in proteins, iron, and fiber.avoid unhealthy junk food. Try to include more leafy vegetables and fruits that help in proper digestion. Also, try to avoid caffeine as it is associated with miscarriage.
FLUID INTAKE – It is recommended to keep the body hydrated and drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Proper hydration is required to prevent constipation that can be caused due to the intake of medicines.
MEDICATION – All the prescribed medications should be taken on time, and no dosage should be missed. It is suggested to continue the intake of folic acid and essential multivitamins.
CONSULT DOCTOR – In case of a medical emergency or any other health issues, it is best to consult the treating doctor rather than trying own remedies or over the counter medications.


STRENUOUS EXERCISE – Even tough women can perform their daily chores. It is advised not to perform any vigours exercise that disturbs the embryo position. A slow walk is always the best option to be considered.
EXTREME TEMPERATURE – It is best to avoid hot water baths or steam baths as any rise in body temperature will affect the growth of the embryo.
STRESS YOURSELF – Stress is directly proportional to the success rate of pregnancy. It is best to practice meditation and relaxation exercises to control stress levels. Also, keeping oneself engaged in daily routine will reduce the anxiety caused due to the waiting period.
SEARCH FOR SYMPTOMS – Don't engage yourself in internet gazing and search for pregnancy symptoms. Each individual's response to pregnancy will be different. Also, it is not advised to take a home pregnancy test during the waiting period.
KEEP HIGH EXPECTATIONS – Even though your just one step away from your dream to transform into reality, it is best to have neutral thoughts and stay calm and composed to the extent possible.

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Blog Reviewed By: Dr. Soumyaroop Dash
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