Friday, 22 March 2019

How Does Lifestyle Affect Fertility In Men?

When a couple is unable to get pregnant in spite of having unprotected intercourse for more than a year, it means that either of the partner or both are going through infertility issues. There is a myth that infertility is only applicable to women. But it's the biggest lie ever! Around 30% of the fertility problems arise from men. It mainly happens due to abnormal or lack of sperm production.

If noticed very minutely, a few decades back the rate of male infertility was quite less. With each passing year, infertility in men is rising at a fast rate. But why? This is because of the kind of lifestyle one leads today. What biological disorder leads to male infertility?
  • hormonal problems
  • obstruction to the passage of sperm
  • Low sperm count and quality
  • Ejaculation dysfunction (impotence)

What lifestyle choices bring infertility in men?

Healthy sperms aren’t always gifted. It is one’s lifestyle choices that make the difference. 

Following are some lifestyle habits that affect male infertility:
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption- Next to cancer, the second most common health issue created by tobacco and alcohol is infertility. The toxins inhaled from smoking tobacco are harmful enough to damage the quality of sperm. Further, smoking for a prolonged period of time creates a hormonal imbalance in the body which reduces the quality of the sperm produced.
  • On the other hand, alcohol consumption lowers testosterone levels and hampers the quality of the sperm produced. Excessive consumption can further reduce libido and cause impotency.
  • Stress- Psychological stress is the next harmful thing for sperm. Excessive stress brings hormonal imbalance in the body which results in low sperm count and quality.
  • Eating unhealthy food- Unhealthy or junk food does not have enough nutrients that can trigger the growth of new sperms. Wholesome foods like fish, brown rice, whole grains, eggs have a high quantity of zinc in it which maintain proper hormonal balance and production of sperm.

Male infertility is not a permanent problem. If you choose the right clinic for treatment, you can overcome infertility.

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