Sunday, 6 September 2015

How IVF plays an important role in the society today

We have all witnessed a 50% hike in infertility over last 30 years, There are several reasons are associated for this change. Women delaying marriages and childbirth also contribute for this change. Sperm count is reducing along with the quality of sperms deteriorating is responsible for male infertility. Conditions like polycystic ovarian disease and premature ovarian failure cause increase in female infertility.  

Because of all above reasons, use of assisted reproductive technologies and in vitro fertilization increased. couples are going to IVF clinics and asks about assisted methods of reproduction.This shows increase in number of infertility clinics and  patients are waiting for treatments. Success rates of IVF is very high. Evaluations and check ups are done earlier than past and new kinds of treatments are available to solve infertility problems.

Artificial Insemination may be suggested as a step for a lot of male related fertility problems and placing of male sperm into woman’s reproductive tract in order to help the woman conceive. More women are looking for natural or holistic methods or getting pregnant. These alternative methods are getting popular to treat infertility issues. These methods are not as expensive as traditional approaches and helps many couples.

The major factor which has increased IVF being used is, introduction of new techniques in this field leads to increased success rates.IVF is also done in couples, who have an inherited disease. In such case, the cells from embryo are prepared in the laboratory are biopsied. Thus it is a solution for muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis and many other diseases like sickle cell anemia.The success rate although improved but still depends on the age of women. It is necessary to improve accessibility of fertility treatments and bring affordability. Low cost IVF programs helps large population people living in country like india.

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