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A Pregnancy is called a High Risk Pregnancy(HRP) when if the baby or mother has an increased chance of health problem.High Risk Pregnancymostly sounds scary, but it takes more attention of doctors.Doctor will watch the patients more closely to find the problems most early.

Mostly the problems for High Risk Pregnancy are:

* Slowed growth of baby.
* Pre-term labour.
* Preeclampsia.
* Placenta problems.

When you have these following problems,you may have High Risk Pregnancy:

* Diabetes.
* High Blood Pressure.
* Cancer
* Kidney problems.
* Epilespsy.

* Alcohol,Smoking and illegal drugs.
* Maternal age
* Multiple pregnancy.
* More than 1 miscarriages.

* Eat a healthy diet.
* Take medicines,iron or vitamins as per doctor's prescription.
* Excercise daily.
* Do not drink and smoke.
* Always stay away from people having cold and infections.

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