Thursday, 27 February 2020

Social Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation

There are several aspects connected to fertility and conceiving. Age, financial stability, lifestyle, and psychological aspects could be considered to play a major role. Egg freezing resolves infertility issues and helps to begin a new family. 

Egg freezing is a method by which the eggs are stored to preserve fertility and allows them to conceive later. This is considered by women who have issues with conceiving due to various reasons. It is recommended to consult the doctor on time so as to avoid further complications regarding fertility. The doctor will suggest the required tests before proceeding with the egg freezing procedure. 

Egg freezing process

Each cycle develops eggs in the ovaries and 1 egg would get matured and released through ovulation. Whereas, during the IVF period, the egg-freezing process allows all the eggs to mature.

Stimulation of your ovaries - hormone medications would be provided for 10-12 days to help stimulate ovaries. The doctor would monitor the progress through blood tests and ultrasound. 

Egg collection - sedation or pain medication would be given before the process. The eggs would be collected with the help of a thin needle that is inserted through the vagina. This procedure would take 10-15 minutes. The mature eggs will be frozen either using vitrification or snap freezing methods. 

Using the frozen eggs - the doctor will inform the patient about the right time to use the frozen eggs. The frozen eggs are thawed or unfrozen by removing from the freezing solution and warming them up to 37-degree celsius. The doctor would then inject sperm into the egg (ICSI) for fertilization and the embryo would be transferred to the uterus. 

Know the success of egg freezing

Mainly, there are two factors that define the success of the egg freezing process. The number of frozen eggs and the age of the woman would be mainly taken into consideration. As age increases, one might require more eggs to get the expected result.

For additional assistance on high-risk pregnancy, schedule an appointment at Srishti Hospital. They provide the required resources and support for egg freezing and related services.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr. Soumyaroop Dash
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